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BROKOF "Blind Spot On The Bright Side Of Life" Vinly LP

BROKOF "Blind Spot On The Bright Side Of Life" Vinly LP

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Vinyl LP

"Blind Spot On The Bright Side of Life" by the Berlin band BROKOF gifts the world with twelve new magnificent songs. Naturally, this is a singer-songwriter album, but BROKOF now wander off into the open field between folk, fuzz, and funk. Trombones, lap steel guitars, and modular synthesizers can also be found alongside the conventional four-piece lineup. More than ever in the band's history, this is also clearly pop music, although the associated discourse is often left aside.

"Running To You My Love" is equally emotional extreme as the rowdy tune "The Load," but musically and thematically worlds apart. Love, death, escape, flickering scenes of life, graceful here, desperate there. While the title track - at first glance - could effortlessly accompany a countryside drive in spring, "Time & Space" takes us into rather discomforting territories, walking on the edge between desire and reality, possibility and impossibility of existence.

These contrasts have always made BROKOF unique. The band has grown boldly and independent, thus remaining true to itself. "Blind Spot On The Bright Side of Life" is a stretched out hand, accompanying like a talisman when the ride gets rough. With their fifth album, BROKOF once again bridge the gap between a musical tour de force and gentle grandeur. "How to hold on, stay strong, how to keep on keeping on."

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